Greater Bethel Tabernacle



Thank you and the Lord richly bless you. To know Him in His fullness is to be filled with His presence. The Spirit of the Lord rest upon you this day and give you what you need to arise and do His will.

God Bless!

Contributed by~
Ray Gaskins


The urgency of the hour is for men to arise loosed in earth to do God's will.

We exist in a time where crisis have become common. Things are no longer for sure. Turbulence marks these days while we witness a youth of a new generation take to the streets with a rage that storms within. Why do the youth rage?

Because the man of God has become missing.

The cry of King David during a time where faithful men were ceasing to exist has become the cry of our time. Psalm 12:1, Help, Lord, for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men.

Now is the time for men to embrace the hope that is in Christ and arise in the power of the Spirit to set the standard for a lost generation.

The children of men have lost respect for the principles of truth as they walk in the sins of their forefathers. It is time for a standard to be set that will demonstrate the life of Christ to our youth.

This comes by way of God's power that gives birth to the sons of God. It is my prayer that the Spirit of the Lord will begin to wake up the mighty men to stand in a place that sets the standard for a lost generation to follow after.


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